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Business Development Contract

B2B & B2C

Are you looking for new business? Marketing Your World specializes in building new long term relationships by introducing your products and services to potential customers and markets for our clients. We look at potential growth opportunities in your industry to develop a "pipeline" or flow of potential clients for your company.  

Our Business Development Contracts are a great way to continue to keep your sales high. Business Development Contracts are available after our B2B or B2C Packages have been purchased. 

12 Month Contract

Mini Marketing Strategy Plan

Our 12 Month Contracts are for the business owner who is looking for direction and long term strategy. This plan will provide you with a projected overview of a six month industry analysis and how your company is positioned in the marketplace along with a twelve month marketing calendar to assist with your future growth and development. 

6 Month Contract

Our 6 Month Contracts are for the more traditional business owner looking to make an impact on branding their services. We provide everything you need to reach your target audience from trade show representation, brochure design, client retention survey, monthly email campaigns and postcard mailings - the choice is easy. 

B2C Package

​ $3,500 per month 

This package is perfect for the business owner looking to expand, just opened a new location or want to reinvent their image. Marketing Your World can help you create and keep customers knocking at your door. 

This package includes: 

  • ​A Seasoned Marketing & Business Development Manager
  • An Analysis of Your Customer Database
  • A Customized  Marketing  Campaign 
  • Community Engagement & Client Interaction Event
  • Sales Reporting & Analysis
  • Email Campaigns 
  • And More!

B2B Package

$5,500 per month

​This package is ideal for Companies looking to capture higher ranking customers that can take your business to the next level. Marketing Your World provides an experienced and strategic Hunter ready and hungry for action. The Manager assigned to your account will help you generate long-term revenue to sustain your business regardless of industry shifts. 

This package includes: 

  • ​A Strategic Marketing & Business Development Manager
  • An Analysis of Your Customer Database
  • A Customized Strategic Sales &  Marketing Campaign 
  • Training of Sales Team
  • Sales Reporting & Analysis
  • Strategic Email Campaigns 
  • Access to MYW Leads Database
  • And More!

Marketing Your World caters to the small business owner, creating an ideal marketing package for every small business budget. Our Marketing Management Plans provides our clients with  3 to 5 "touch points" to increase your brand awareness and an experienced Marketing & Business Development Liaison to ensure that your growth and development is right on track. The assigned Marketing & Business Development Liaison will provide referral generation, relationship building and the management that your company needs to succeed.

Marketing Management Plans